Endless opportunity for young people.

SKilling youths

Safeplan Uganda the home of opportunity is always providing youths and epecially women with skills for sustainable livelihood.

In the month of November we shall see 5 youths benefit from skills that will lead them to make high quliaty liquid and bar soap.
The training is produly made possible by Enabel and Safeplan Uganda.


Sugarcane plantations around Budongo Sub county

Project Background

Budongo one of the Sub county in Masindi located in Mid western Uganda some 264Km from Kampala city is dominated by sugarcane growing to supply the existing sugar factory in the area.  

The sub county is blessed with fertile and national forest land that covers almost all round the sub county. The rest of the sub county vast land is covered by sugarcane plantations belonging to the sugar factory and private owned land belonging to individuals who have joined in to supply the factory with sugar cane because the factory management supports them with some inputs and equipment like ploughing, pesticides and paid lump sum after at least 18 months.

Agricultural activities here are at stack because most of the fertile land is being offered for sugar cane growing, the casual laborers require up to 10 hours working in the sugarcane field every day, youth and women who take up this opportunity to earn not more than 2$ per day depending on the roles assigned.

High level jobs are in favor of the educated few leaving many youths and women for the low income jobs and mostly in the field. There are no other economic activities in the area to supplement the factory jobs apart from subsistence farming and petty business in the trading centres and camps where some of the casual laborers are confined.

BUWOBE Project

Budongo Women Bee Enterprises (BUWOBE) is an initiative of Safeplan Uganda organisation formed in 2013 to intervene and find alternative means of improving the living conditions of the communities living in these sugarcane rich sub county.

BUWOBE is not the ultimate solution but a lee way to address social economic development for vulnerable youths and women who can not afford high level jobs in the factory because of their level of education and difficult task in sugarcane fields. The project has registered some achievement since its inception and continuing to support the vulnerable youths in Uganda. Some of progress was supported by the Africa seed grant as a seed awardwinner2014 to promote bee keeping in the community and adjacent forest lands and The Young Women Transform Fund 2018 that aims at supporting more 30 young women and boys to increase honey production for sustainable income.



BUWOBE membership is open to vulnerable members especially those living in the district of Masindi who register to become members and benefit from trainings offered, merger support for inputs like beehives and its equipment.
 Members supply honey harvested back to the enteprises and are paid promptly this offers them opportunity to plan and develop their apiary

Our Approach

The enterprise is women focused with social enterprise approach to address member’s challenges. The registered members benefit from equipment support especially beehives on a cost recovery basis payable up to 24 months with the honey harvested each season. To learn more about how to register and benefit as a member please visit Members.

Our model

Buwobe is a co-operative beekeeping enterprise that produces honey and beeswax products. It mobilises women to become beekeepers for the enterprise, whereby local collection centres serve as venues for production. The honey business is used as a vehicle for community development, including the promotion of sustainable land use practice. To replicate our model see here.

Field based training

Bee keeping skills

Focus on Youths and Women

Youths and women remiain the most vulnerable neglected but Active group in society to foster social economic development

Easy to train, ready to learn no destruction and always willing to learn new ideas.

Women offer ready opportunity for success at a simple touch they give profound result,

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